Annual Report to Residents

Welcome to the Annual Report to residents 2013/2014

Welcome to our Annual Report which looks at how we have been doing over the last year.

This is the first year that we have produced a digital version of our annual report. We did this in response to resident consultation which requested more information online...

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Value for money

We own and manage more than 28,444 homes across London and the south east of England. We are committed to delivering high quality services and achieving value for money in everything we do...

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Customer service

Our Service Centre is our first point of contact for you, so we want to ensure that it is always meeting the needs of our residents.

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Providing good quality homes

This year has been a busy year for us with a total of 261 new homes built. We are committed to developing high quality new homes to suit a range of housing needs. This year we built a range of homes to meet different needs...

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Repairs and maintenance

We continually invest in improving your homes to deliver high quality and value for money through what is known as cyclical repairs and redecoration.

This involves us working with our contractors to arrange regular maintenance and repairs for the exterior and internal communal areas of our residents’ homes...

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Supporting our residents

We support our residents in a range of ways. This can include community grants, IT support and training, help writing your CV or developing opportunities for young people...

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Tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Earlier this year we launched our new Corporate Strategy which sets out our direction and purpose for the next few years...

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